NITOLIC® prevent hair bands for prevention of head lice infestations (pediculosis)

Specialists in treatment of head lice infestations with 25 years of experience.
  • NITOLIC® prevent hair bands – medical device used for prevention of head lice infestations (pediculosis)
  • effective and immediate protection against head lice infestation
  • proven efficacy against head lice infestation
  • no pesticides and artificial components – 100% natural formula
  • it contains handbook and instruction for use, all in one, which helps in creating wonderful hairstyles for every weekday
Nitolic prevent hair bands - visualisation

Product properties:

Nitolic® prevent hair bands is a medical device recommended to use when in the nearest child’s surrounding (ex. school, kindergarten) pediculosis is noticed or the risk of head lice infestation occurs (ex. summer camps, field days).

It is kids friendly and extremely easy-to-use product. It contains handbook and instruction for use, all in one. The handbook helps in creating wonderful hairstyles for every weekday and provides useful information how to increase the effectiveness of protection against pediculosis.


Newly used PhytoClear complex includes active, herbal aromatic formula. Thanks to it the hairband gradually releases scent which is pleasant to children and disliked by lice.


It doesn’t contain pesticides and artificial components – 1OO% natural formula.

Product offer

Package contents 4 hairbands, which provides up to 2 months of protection and the hairstyle handbook „Tie and go” which helps creating wonderful hairstyles for the whole week.

Market overview

Pediculosis is considered to be the worldwide problem and spreads widely among larger groups of people. This problem is especially common at schools and kindergartens, where children get infested easier due to direct head to head contact. The longer the hair the higher the risk of getting infested, particularly if the hair is undone and left loose. Thus, using preventive products like hair bands soaked with natural essential oils is easy and safe way of protection against head lice infestations.

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