KICK THE TICK® max repelent plus

The innovative approach to lyme disease prevention
  • effectively protects against ticks, mosquitoes and naps
  • absorption through the skin reduced to minimum
  • it does not cause any skin irritation
  • economical 200 ml pack which allows to protect whole family
  • it does not contain toxic chemicals (for example DEET)
  • appropriate for children over the age of 3
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
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Product features:

KICK THE TICK® MAX REPELENT PLUS is based on three-component formula and effectively protects against ticks, mosquitoes and naps.


KICK THE TICK ® MAX REPELENT PLUS  – three-component formula:

  • Icaradin
  • Citriodiol
  • Ethyl butylacetyl-aminopropionate


It repels ticks, mosquitoes and naps and disrupts their sensory receptors.

It guarantees effective protection for 4 hours against mosquitoes and 2 hours against ticks.


KICK THE TICK® MAX REPELENT PLUS is available in 200 ml and 90 ml

Market overview

Ticks are currently considered just as dangerous as mosquitoes in regards of transmitting of human infectious diseases in the world. They spread at least 16 illnesses including serious, life-threatening infections. In Europe the most common and biggest threat to health is the castor bean tick (Ixodes ricicnus). It plays a crucial role in germ transmission which causes serious diseases on humans and animals. Even 40% of ticks can be infested with one or even few species of pathogens.

The recommended way of protection against ticks attack are efficient products which repel those parasites.


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