Specialists in treatment of head lice infestations with 25 years of experience.
  • new generation of medical devices for treatment of head lice infestations (Pediculus humanus capitis)
  • 100% efficacy against head lice and nits
  • complete treatment after a single use
  • safe, insecticide-free
  • efficacy provided by o-effect® technology
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Product properties:

1 hour – 1 application – 100% efficacy

The key characteristic of an effective formulation for head lice treatment is high efficacy in elimination of the eggs (nits). This stops the development of the parasites and prevents recurrence of the infestation. The efficacy of NITOLIC® has been proven in trials performed against both adult lice and the much more difficult to treat louse eggs.


Immobilization: The formulation tightly covers all developmental stages of head lice.

Suffocation: Thanks to O-effect® technology provides complete penetration of the surface of the louse’s body and into the louse’s spiracles resulting in asphyxia or dehydration. It also blocks and fills the lid of the eggshell stopping further development of the egg by suffocating and dehydrating the young embryo.

Dehydration: The unique mixture of non-toxic constituents effectively removes hydrocarbons from the head louse’s exoskeleton resulting in uncontrollable and irreversible water loss leading to dehydration and death.


O-effect® is a unique technology of ICB Pharma resulting in speed of action, complete coverage of the scalp and hair and high efficiency of the product. Thanks to the novel technology of the product, 30 ml Nitolic is sufficient in use compared to much bigger volumes used for competitive products.


NITOLIC does not contain any pesticides, no active ingredients, so it’s safe and eliminates the possibility that lice will become resistant to this treatment.

NITOLIC was clinically assessed as well as tested in toxicological and dermatological term.

Product offer


The wide range of products (volumes of: 25 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml) has been developed to better match patients’ needs and cost effectiveness.

NITOLIC® is the only brand providing a complete head lice treatment system. In addition to an effective formulation for treatment of head lice infestation and other treatment-supportive products are available:

  • NITOLIC® nit remover 20 ml – emulsion dissolving the cement-like substance, for removal dead louse eggs from hair
  • NITOLIC® wash – laundry additive for removal of head lice and nits, as well as body lice from personal items (clothes, bed linens etc.) that may have come in contact with the head of the person with lice
  • NITOLIC® removal comb – a fine-tooth comb for visual diagnostic examination of the hair and removal of dead lice, eggs, and nits after the treatment

Custom options available upon request.


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Market overview

Nowadays, Pediculosis it is one of the most common parasitic diseases in humans. Lice acquire and inherit resistance to chemical agents used to fight them, e.g. those containing permethrin, and this phenomenon is becoming more dangerous. Lice affects 20% of children population. Many children will become infected with lice sooner or later and some of them even several times.

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Due to intense development and growth of export activities we are looking for exclusive distributors on new markets. We are providing our affiliates with suitable market and attractive purchase prices, backed by attractive cooperation rules and fast order completion together with high quality products adapted to the local needs. Our company has been operating for nearly 25 years, creating exclusive products appreciated by clients in various markets. We are interested in working with reliable experience partners in distribution of the pharmaceutical products. If you wish to join in our cooperation, please contact us!

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