Tie and go!

Nitolic® prevent hair bands  for the prevention of head lice infestations – new product offered by ICB Pharma Health Care Department.


It is the answer for the needs of users which appreciate easiness of using, comfort of wearing and long lasting efficacy.


The advantages of product are pure natural composition made with essential oils, lack of pesticides, long lasting efficacy, instant protection from head lice infestations and simplicity of use.


Business Cheetah

We are happy to inform that ICB Pharma was awarded in the Business Cheetah Competition 2019!


In September this year, the results of the plebiscite were announced.


The criterion for receiving the award was the average of the dynamics of net profit and revenues, which had to be more than 10%.


For us it is an important distinction and a motivation for further dynamic development.


We would like to thank everyone who contributes to this process: the Management Board, Employees and Business Partners of ICB Pharma.


Speak and listen

We have attended in a training course on effective communication and creative solving of conflicts last week.


The correct way to convey your own thoughts and active listening allows you to improve everyday cooperation and open up to other people.


This is a great way to improve our relationships not only at work.


Maintaining the sanitary regime, we found out what and how we can improve to better communicate with others.


We also had the opportunity to learn about our own personality types, strengths and areas for improving skills.


Hot summer tests

The warm days of the last month were a great time for testing our wasp and fly monitoring traps.


It is important to constantly check the effectiveness of our products due to natural changes in environment.


Finally, after one month of independent tests on our gardens and backyards, we have confirmed high effectiveness of our traps in monitoring activity of nuisance insects: wasps, hornets or flies. And the most importantly: traps are safe for bees and other beneficial insects.


Photo session

Due to a photo session of employees, our company turned into a real photo studio for one day.


Thanks to professional team that cares about the quality of photos and the best presentation of our models in front of the lens, we were created photos that we will use certainly  in many of our materials.


Many thanks to everyone who took part – you were great!


New website on the Internet

Today, we would like to recommend you visit one website that has just seen the light of day and it is definitely worth to your attention.


It is new version of website dedicated to one of our product- Provecta®. In addition to a extensive description of the product, you will also find there a professional calculator. It will help to calculate the Provecta® application costs precisely.


You will be surprised how efficient Provecta® is.


Visit: www.provecta.eu


Upcoming new products

Soon the portfolio of our CROP SOLUTIONS department will expand with new fertilizers.


Thanks to the use of innovative ionic liquid technology, the products will ensure:


  • better absorption of elements by plants,
  • very good distribution of the fertilizer on the leaf surface,
  • easy and effective application of fertilizer,
  • safety of use.


Crop fertilization is just reaching a higher level.


New for summer from ICB Pharma

We have just introduced a new product into our portfolio. Recotin® gel is the latest addition to the Health Care line and it is a must in our summer medicine box.


It is an innovative gel which relieves the symptoms of mosquito and other insect bites.


Soon, Recotin® gel will surely become your best friend during summer trips and holidays.


It is yet another position on offer, which completes our product line dedicated to protecting us against unpleasant effects of insect activity.


Thanks to Recotin® gel you will be well prepared for almost any summer adventure.


Summer marketing workshops

Last week of June in our company passed at marketing workshops.


We had the opportunity to learn about the launching new products, analyzing the market environment and creating an advertising strategy.


Thanks to working in interdisciplinary teams, we were able to learn many points of view on the issue.


It was a very intense time, which resulted in the creation of several promising ideas.


World Bee Day

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20th


Honey bee is the only insect that produced food consumed by humans, on average, it passes 3 km in one flight, but it can be even 10 km away from the beehive, during its life, one bee is able to produce about 1/12 tablespoon of honey only.


It is worth remembering how much we owe to these little heroes, not on this day only.


Professional beekeepers in their daily work with the swarm, are helped by irreplaceable Apimil. Let’s look on our movie trailer and visit website: www.apimil.com


21th Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH

On the 27th and 28th of February, the 21st edition of EKOTECH took place in Kielce, Poland.


Our company’s PEST INNOVATIONS department had the opportunity to participate for the first time in an event related to environmental protection and waste management.


Now this is a particularly important matter when we often talk about the problems of littering the planet and the need for effective waste management and recycling.


Very soon our product Provecta is going to be used also in this industry.


Greetings from multifunctional sport vehicle!

ICB sept - grafika do posta

ICB Sept – new disinfectant product on the polish market!

To meet the most current needs, we have created and register on the polish market a product to disinfect hands and surfaces.


ICB SEPT is safe and effective in the fight against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


Happy Easter !

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, we send our best wishes to everyone.


These holidays will be special. Not everyone will be able to spend them together with the family as we used to do.


We wish you perseverance, hope, a lot of health and prompt return to our normal lives.


Happy Easter from ICB Pharma!


Attention – Authenticity of the product



In some of the markets where ICB Pharma distributes, products have appeared which are confusingly similar to Attracide 26CS – the labels of the preparations look confusingly similar to the original ICB Pharma product, but these products have a different composition (according to the content of their labels) and are sold in smaller packaging (standard Attracide is sold in 0.5 l packaging).


According to information available to ICB Pharma, products which are confusingly similar to Attracide 26CS are found in Egypt.


ICB Pharma indicates that it does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of using these products.


ICB Pharma also indicates (based on the composition of the products shown on their label) that their use may be dangerous for humans and the environment.


If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the product in your possession, please contact us by e-mail at pest@icbpharma.com


ICB Pharma plans to take steps to protect its rights.


We will keep you informed.
ICB Pharma Team


Our innovative technologies

ICB Pharma our products, our innovative technologies KICK THE TICK APRF Technology™ (Anti-Parasite Removal Film) – used in KICK THE TICK® leads to the precise coverage of the tick’s body with the product and the place where the tick is embedded in the skin.


This effect protects against the tick being torn which reduces the risk of transferring the infectious agents during the treatment.


We are not afraid of FIRE!

The legal obligation forced on the employer to organize fire safety training results from the fact that each employee should know how to protect his health and life as well as the surrounding environment and the property in case of fire.


This is a very important aspect that allows everyone to maintain safety in the workplace thanks to which employees has access to fire protection knowledge.


All ICB Pharma employees took part in such training and everyone could practice the use of fire extinguishers and hydrants.


Health Care Team at the conference in Gdynia

Between February 7-9 took place the 16th Academy of Dermatology and Allergology in Gdynia. The event was organized by The Dermatology and Allergology Clinic ( UCK ) from Gdansk.


The program of the Conference was rich of workshops and lectures starting from the early morning and lasting till the late evening.


Over 230 doctors, the lecturers and other guests were invited to the conference.


Among invited doctors, the dermatologists were the most numerous group who visited our booth with real enthusiasm and attention.


Product workshops for Summit-Agro Ukraine

We would like to express our thanks to Summit-Agro Ukraine articipation in meeting revolved around the Siltac EC insecticide.


This time we were hosting regional representatives and technical experts. As a result of their great experience the workshops were highly specialized and informative.


We keep our fingers crossed for our successful cooperation on the Ukrainian market.


Invitation to Cairo

Last month – Ms Anna Gawron, the Head of Health Care Department – represented ICB Pharma in „Kick off 2020” meeting which was organized by our business partners – XFactor Medical and Globe Pharmaceuticals in Cairo.


Thank you for the invitation and possibilty of presentation the ICB Pharma and Nitolic brand.


Thanks to a huge involvment of our partners in promotion and sales, the Nitolic brand becomes more and more successfull on Egyptian market.

Official visit of Prime Minister to ICB Pharma - image

Official visit of Prime Minister to ICB Pharma

Today, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki together with the Silesian Voivode Jarosław Wieczorek, the Mayor of the City of Jaworzno Paweł Silbert and Deputy Mayor Monika Bryl have visited ICB Pharma.


The Prime Minister gave a speech and his words etched in our memory: “The heart is growing that in Poland we have companies that can be globally successful. I am proud that Polish entrepreneurs, scientists, employees, technicians and engineers are able to create such a great work. Here, in this company I see the great Polish potential, creativity of economic development based on innovative Polish products. Ladies and Gentlemen, we need such companies and such economic development. The sources of our success lie precisely in companies like this one in Jaworzno, as well as in the minds and ideas of our scientists and researchers.”


TSW 2020 in Poland is over now

We would like to thank all the visitors who came over to know us and to get useful information about our innovative solutions.


We look forward to continuing the talks we have started, which will lead us to new cooperations with great partners.


Thank you again and see you next year.