Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ICB Pharma wishes you a Merry Christmas, many gifts from Santa Claus and a Happy New Year.


Family Business Gala

We are pleased to announce that ICB Pharma was given the Award as one of the most valuable Polish Family Companies in the Forbes magazine ranking.


This valuable Award means that we do remember, maybe even clearer, about the beginnings of our activity – the times when the company was just made of a few people who had only a bit more than great knowledge, vision and hope.


Consistent and long-term implementation of the assumptions made us become the part of this honorable group of winners of the plebiscite.


Thank you!

EuroTier - image

EuroTier? Soon!

EuroTIER 2022, HANNOVER, GERMANY is about to take place on 15th – 18th of November. Animal Health Department of ICB Pharma will be there for sure.


It will be a perfect occasion to discuss the matters of our mutual interests 🙂


Meet us at our stand – Halle 21 | D28


It will be a great pleasure to see you there!


Provecta? It’s simple!

We prepared a special digital course to show in a simple way what Provecta® is and how it should be used to take full benefits of it advantages for pest control business.


After watching the entire course, you can take the test and receive a personal certificate of completion of the training.


So, here we go!



ICB Pharma on Expocida Iberia - image

Expocida Iberia

A month ago, the Pest Innovations team participated in the Expocida Iberia event in Madrid.


The event gathered 44 exhibitors and over 500 participants related to the Pest Control and Environmental Health industries.


During the event, we presented the best ways to eliminate pests populations: how to deal with them quickly, effectively and for a long lasting.


Interzoo 2022

The Animal Health department visited the Interzoo fair in Nuremberg last week. It was one of the biggest event for the producers and customers of the zoological industry.


We have met there with our current and potential business partners.  We also had the opportunity to know the latest trends in the industry among over 2,000 exhibitors in 12 halls.


Department team come back full of ideas and willingness to act.

ICB Pharma - Forbes Diamonds 2022

Diamonds 2022

We are happy to share great news from the Forbes Diamonds 2022 gala.


Once again, our company was among the winners of this prestigious list of the fastest growing companies of the last three years. The list included companies with 15% and greater value growth.


We owe this success to the work of our entire team, permanent and constantly expanding relationships with business partners and courageous leadership.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the further successes of our company!


Pestex London

Pest Innovations department visited an important event in the Pest Control industry: Pestex.


It was a great opportunity to meet our Friends and Business Partners and expand our knowledge thanks to numerous thematic presentations.


After a pandemic restrictions, this year’s Pestex took place in a traditional form and made us realize how much we missed such events.

Easter 2022

Easter 2022

ICB Pharma wishes a happy and peaceful Easter for all of you!


HACCP Certificate for Provecta®

We are proud to announce we have gained the HACCP certificate for the Provecta® – product of our Pest Innovations department.


The certificate confirms that Provecta® meets strict standards and can be used to eliminate sanitary pests in food production and preparation places, thanks to ensuring maximum safety and effectiveness of treatments.


Obtaining the certificate coincides with the implement of a new, handy packaging for a Provecta 100 ml.


Vegetable and horticultural fair

The largest polish trade fair TSW 2022 (Vegetable and horticultural fair 2022) is behind us.


Despite the difficult times for the meetings, the event was very popular. This proves how important it is for fruit and vegetable producers to contact industry experts and companies supporting plant production.


We are glad that we had so many conversations with you and that our products aroused your keen interest.


Thank all of you for your presence.


See you at the next year edition!

Merry Christmas - image

Ho Ho Ho!

We would like to thank all our Partners and Friends for their trust and patronage in the passing year.


We wish you further achievements, successful investments and every prosperity in the coming New Year!

Awards - image

One evening, two awards

We are pleased to announce that ICB Pharma has won two awards at the Entrepreneurial City Jaworzno 2021 gala!


We won in the following categories:


  • The best manufacturing company
  • The best company: tradition and development


We sincerely thank everyone who contributes to our smaller and bigger successes on a daily basis.


Great congratulations to all awarded companies from our city.


It is an honor to be included in such a distinguished group of local entrepreneurs!


CphI Milan 2021

With a great pleasure we would like to inform you that ICB Pharma is taking part in CPhI Milan, 9th-11th November, 2021.


We would like to invite you to visit our booth – stand location 1C111, Hall 1.

Post Image

Perú Plagas 2021

Peru Plagas 2021 begins today – an online event in which ICB Pharma participate together with our Partners, the GoyaLab company.


Extremely important event for the entire global Pest Control industry, bringing together specialists, representatives of the food and hotel sectors as well as the world of science.


It is also a great opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, and thus to constantly develop the Pest Control industry.


We are glad to co-create such important events!


Visit event website: https://peruplagas2021.com/


ICB Pharma 21st anniversary

We celebrated our 21st anniversary last weekend!


The ceremonial gala was a great opportunity to thanks, memories and make plans for the future.


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute to our success and the continued development of our company.


Our Clients, Employees, Partners and many others. Thanks to all of you, we know that what we do makes sense and is needed.


Raspberries and strawberries

On behalf of the Crop Solutions department, we would like to thank you for joint meetings as part of the Malinowe Factory and Truskawkowe Inspiracje events.


At the Agronom Berries farm specializing in the production of raspberries and strawberries, we had the pleasure to meet you and talk about the effective production of berries.


Develop fruit firmness and effective protection without harmful residues were the main topics of our discussions.


We hope for as many fruitful events and meetings as possible.


Killgerm Polska workshops

On 24th June, ICB Pharma participated in an online workshop organized by Killgerm Polska.


Chief innovations & solutions officer in ICB Pharma, David Liszka, gave a very interesting presentation on the current and future challenges in the management of pests in urban areas.


The participants learned, among other things, how important it is to use an integrated pest control method.


One of its bases is the use of preparations with a mode of action alternative to the chemical one. This avoids the develop of resistance by pests of this way of eliminating them.


Provecta is a agent based on the innovative ALL IN WEB technology, which perfectly fits the current trends and needs of the Pest Control industry.


Learn more about Provecta: https://icbpharma.com/products/provecta/

Recotin roll-on news - image

Recotin roll-on

Are you looking for immediate relief after insect bites?


Our new Recotin roll-on is finally here!


The cooling, stainless steel roller ball applicator increases the soothing effect and furthermore:


  • quickly relieves itching sensation
  • reduces redness and swelling
  • acts as astringent
  • regenerates irritated skin


It owes its effectiveness to a smart composition of ingredients, such as:


  • andiroba oil
  • aloe leaf extract
  • canola oil
  • panthenol
  • menthol


The product is also perfect for the relief of contact dermatitis symptoms.

Are you ready to learn more about our product? Visit this link.

New website dergall.com - Image

Dergall – new website

Dergall, product of Animal Health department, has received a new version of its website.


In addition to a lot of information about poultry parasites and ways to eliminate them, you can find the Calculator there.


Handy tool allows you to calculate the exact amount of Dergall necessary for an effective treatment.


We invite you to find all the new website: www.dergall.com


Recotin patches – new!

Recotin patches after insect bites – NEW product offered by ICB Pharma Health Care.


The claim „Stop scratching by patching” briefly but accurately reflects the idea of how do the patches work.


Recotin patches quickly soothe itching sensation and create a mechanical barrier which protects the skin from scratching. They contain only natural ingredients.


One package includes 10 transparent patches and 20 patches with cute, original illustrations of animal motifs prepared for the youngest.


It is the perfect solution for the whole family! We hope that just like the Recotin gel, the patches will be accepted and appreciated by our customers.


Are you ready to learn more about our product? Just contact us.