Canion Ca

Innovative foliar calcium-nitrogen fertilizer. Thanks to the unique technology, the uptake of calcium (Ca) is faster, more efficient and safer for plants, in comparison to conventional fertilizers.
  • improves fruit firmness
  • reduces the occurrence of physiological disorders of stored fruits
  • reduces fruit cracking
  • affects the proper condition and growth of plants
  • regulates the hormonal balance of plants
Canion Ca - visualization


Canion Ca is a concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer containing calcium (Ca) and nitrogen (N).

It is intended for foliar application on fruit trees, berries and vegetables in greenhouses and in the field.


Canion Ca is an innovative fertilizer containing calcium Ca – 11% (15.2% CaO) and nitrogen N – 9.0%.

Thanks to the Ionic Liquid Technology, which is a concept of ICB Pharma Company, calcium absorption is more effective, faster and safer for plants, in comparison to traditional forms of fertilizers.

This unique fertilizer is a liquid product, perfectly soluble in water and easy to use. The pH of a 1% aqueous solution is about 4.0. This is a favourable reaction in terms of the possibility of using tank mixes with other products.

WHY Canion Ca?

Canion Ca is a new solution in delivering calcium to plants. It is a liquid formulation based on Ionic Liquid Technology, which allows the fertilizer to remain in a liquid form after spraying. No crystallization is observed. This ensures effective calcium absorption and makes spraying safer for plants.

Canion Ca effectively improves the firmness and fruit storage ability. It reduces the occurrence of storage diseases (e.g. blossom-end rot of tomato and pepper, bitter pit on apples) and reduces fruit cracking.


Canion Ca is offered in a 5 L package.

Custom options available upon request.


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