Organic plant growth stimulant containing triacontanol.
  • Increases plant resistance to abiotic stresses,
    especially to the negative impact of low temperatures
  • Intensifies photosynthesis
  • Stimulates shoot and root growth
  • Enhances plant vitality and health
  • Increases fruit mass and crop yield
Triavit - packshot


Triavit® is intended for foliar application on fruit trees and berry bushes.

It contains triacontanol – a substance naturally occurring in plant waxes and beeswax. Triacontanol even in small quantities, has a positive effect on many metabolic processes in plants.

It is used to mitigate the stress caused by unfavourable conditions, especially low temperatures.


The effectiveness of Triavit® is based on the interaction of its ingredients. Carefully selected components, including potent natural antioxidants, enhance the beneficial effects of triacontanol.

WHY Triavit®?

Triavit® is particularly effective in reducing the adverse effects of abiotic stresses. Reduces the negative effects of low temperatures on plants. Increases plant resistance to high temperature stress, water deficit and salinity.

Triavit® stimulates plant growth, especially in spring and during flowering and fruiting. It increases the quality and number of flower buds and reduces flower and fruit drop.

The product intensifies the photosynthesis process and accelerates the growth of leaves and shoots. Enhances the efficiency of mineral nutrient uptake from the soil.

The use of Triavit® increases yields and has a positive effect on crop quality.


Triavit® is offered in a 1 L package.

Custom options available upon request.


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