Ionic Zn

Innovative foliar zinc fertilizer. Thanks to the unique technology, the uptake of zinc (Zn) is faster, more efficient and safer for plants, in comparison to conventional fertilizers.
  • regulates phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism
  • stimulates formation of chlorophyll
  • activates a wide range of enzymes
  • stimulates root system growth
  • increases plants resistance to diseases and other unfavourable growth conditions, e.g. drought, low temperature
  • improves winter hardiness of fruit trees
  • improves the growth of plants, affecting the hormonal and enzymatic balance
  • has a positive effect on the overall condition of plants and yield
Ionic Zn - visualization


Ionic Zn is a concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer containing zinc (Zn).

It is intended for foliar application on maize, potatoes, fruit trees, berries and other crops requiring foliar feeding with zinc.


Ionic Zn is an innovative fertilizer containing zinc (Zn – 16%).

Thanks to the Ionic Liquid Technology, which is a concept of ICB Pharma Company, zinc absorption is more effective, faster and safer for plants, in comparison to traditional forms of fertilizers.

This unique fertilizer is a liquid product, perfectly soluble in water and easy to use.

WHY Ionic Zn?

Ionic Zn is a new solution in delivering zinc to plants. It is a liquid formulation based on Ionic Liquid Technology, which allows the fertilizer to remain in a liquid form after spraying. No crystallization is observed. This ensures effective zinc absorption and makes spraying safer for plants.


Custom options available upon request.


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