Product for foliar and soil application containing silicon and microelements.
  • high bioavailability of silicon
  • multi-directional activation of plant defence mechanisms
  • positive effect on a number of physiological processes
  • source of microelements to plants
  • wide range of uses and positive effects
Megis - visualisation


The product is intended to be used for foliar or soil application on fruit trees and berries, vegetables, ornamental plants, potato, cereals.
It contains silicon (orthosilicic acid) and microelements (zinc, copper, molybdenum, boron).
The product increases, in a multidirectional way, the resistance of plants to various stress conditions as well as fungal and bacterial pathogens, improves the relevant quality parameters of yields and reduces the incidence of certain plant physiological disorders.


A notable feature of the product is the technology on which it is based. The technology ensures a high bioavailability of silicon to plants. This has been achieved thanks to the specific additives used. They prevent silicon from converting to forms which are not available to plants and optimise its absorption by leaves. This is a key factor influencing the biological action of the product.

Megis® significantly reduces the susceptibility of plants to various stress conditions, including fungal diseases, due to its silicon content and its specific ingredients. The product increases the mechanical resistance of plant tissue and rapidly increases the levels of phytoalexins – natural defense substances in plants.

The product improves the quality of fruit. It increases the firmness of soft fruits and the size of fruit.

Megis® effectively reduces the incidence of many physiological disorders of plants, including very serious in apple cultivation – necrotic leaf blotch of ‘Golden Delicious’ apple trees.

The product significantly increases the content of polyphenols in treated plants and thus improves their nutritional properties.


The product may be used to improve the quality of yields and as an element of integrated plant protection. In many cases, the use of the product makes it possible to reduce the use of chemical plant protection products, and, consequently, reduce the risk of pesticide residues on plants.

Thanks to the formulation technology used and, thus, the high effectiveness of the product, Megis® belongs to the exclusive group of silicon fertilisers.


Megis® can be  offered in the following packaging:

  • 250 ml
  • 1 L
  • 5 L

Custom options available upon request.


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