RECOTIN patches
Fast relief after bite

Recotin patches for skin care and relief after insect bites.
  • natural active ingredients
  • soothe itching sensation
  • create a mechanical barrier which prevents from scratching after bite
  • reduce redness
  • accelerate skin regeneration
Recotin patches - visualisation

Product features:

Recotin patches care for skin and quickly soothe itching sensation after insect bites.

Create mechanical barrier that prevent from scratching and further skin irritation in the affected area.

Natural active ingredients such as lavender oil and capsicum extract (zanthoxylum) care for the skin , have soothing effect and relive itching and irritation.

Pepper mint oil cools, refreshes and has astringent properties. Calendula flowers extract reduces redness and accelerates skin regeneration.

Recotin patches are recommended:

to alleviate the effects of insect bites, to reduce itching, inflammation, swelling and to protect further skin irritation from scratching the affected area.


One box contains 30 patches, including 20 patches with animal motifs specially designed for kids and 10 transparent patches.

Market overview

Due to progressing climate change, the period of insect activity is increasing and the demand for products mitigating the effects of their bites is constantly growing. The advantage of Recotin patches is its easy application with fast soothing and anti-infammatory properties. Furthermore patches protect against skin damage due to scratchig which is especially important among children. Thanks to its comfort in use, they are very convenient and more and more popular as a solution to soothe insect bites.

Business opportunity

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