Innovative pest management solution.
  • high efficacy
  • controls a wide range of pests
  • no pesticides – no pesticide residues on crops
  • purely physical mode of action
  • useful in pesticide resistance management
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Siltac® EC is intended for use in controlling harmful insects and mites feeding on crops:

  • fruit trees and berries,
  • vegetables,
  • ornamental plants
  • cereals.

It is very effective in controlling:

  • spider mites,
  • rust mites,
  • aphids,
  • scales,
  • psyllids,
  • whiteflies.

It strongly limits the population of thrips.


Siltac® EC is a breakthrough plant protection product. It employs a purely physical mechanism to control crop pests and is based on the 3D-IPNS (Three-dimensional Immobilising Polymeric Net Structure) technology. Siltac® EC contains polymeric substances, primarily silicone polymers. Once applied to crops, these compounds create a specific structure – a thin, sticky film – on the body surface of pests. On a molecular level, it is a three-dimensional polymeric net. The structure immediately immobilises pests and rapidly eliminates them. Typically, the efficacy of treatment with the product is 85-95%.

Unlike chemical plant protection products, Siltac® EC has no toxic or any biochemical effect to controlling pests. The product does not contain any conventional pesticides and thus its application does not result in pesticide residues on plants.

Due to its physical mode of action, it does not contribute to selection of pesticide-resistant pests, even when used multiple times.

Siltac® EC is perfectly suited for use in integrated plant protection. It is an alternative to chemical pest control methods.


A trend to reduce the use of chemical plant protection products in order to reduce the risk to human health and the environment can be noticed in modern plant protection strategies. Great emphasis is placed on producing pesticide residue-free food. At the same time, there are fewer and fewer authorised conventional plant protection products available, which makes it difficult to effectively control pests. Moreover, the resistance of pests to chemical plant protection products is a rapidly growing problem.

Due to its properties, Siltac®EC offers a solution to these problems. It is in line with current trends in plant protection and is an effective alternative to traditional chemical pesticides. Siltac® EC helps control pests more effectively, especially where chemical methods have not worked or cannot be used.


Siltac® can be offered in the following packaging:

Retail (home&garden) market:


  • 10 ml,
  • 30 ml,
  • 100 ml.


Each packaging is a kit containing:

  • product,
  • unit outer box,
  • instruction for use,
  • measuring cup.

Other packages (5ml -100 ml) are possible upon Client request.


Professional market:

  • 250 ml bottles
  • 1 L bottles
  • 5 L cans

Custom options available upon request.


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