Product intended for use in beekeeping – inhibits the aggressive behaviour of bees.
  • calms bees and inhibits their aggressive behaviour
  • makes beekeeping work easier
  • increases the success rate of introducing a queen bee and combining colonies
  • safe for bees
  • may be used instead of smoke
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The product is intended to be used during beekeeping works. It is especially useful in introducing queen bees and combining colonies as well as in preventing robbing and inhibiting the aggressive behaviour of worker bees during beekeeping activities.

Apimil® is a concentrate to be diluted with water. Diluted product should be sprayed directly on to hives and bees.


The product contains primarily natural ingredients. It contains a combination of fragrances – constituents of essential oils – and other ingredients that have a strong influence on the behaviour of bees.

When applied directly to a hive, Apimil® clearly calms bees, significantly inhibits their aggressive behaviour and reduces the expression of natural instincts of worker bees, such as stinging.

Therefore, Apimil® has a wide range of beekeeping applications. It may be used instead of smoke to make beekeeping work easier. The product inhibits the aggressive behaviour of bees, making many standard beekeeping operations, such as combining colonies or introducing queen bees, more effective. 100% of queen bees are accepted in colonies treated with Apimil®.

Apimil® effectively prevents robbing.

No side effects of applying the product directly on bee colonies have been observed.


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Apimil® is offered in the following packaging:

250 ml (concentrate, for preparing 2,5 L of spray solution)

Custom options available upon request.


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