Foliar fertilizer that improves the condition and health of plants. Used in integrated crop protection as a support of conventional, chemical control of diseases.
  • an effective source of phosphorus and potassium for plants
  • increases the overall condition of plants
  • increases vigour and resistance to unfavourable conditions for plant growth
  • enhances yield and quality


Miligard® is a concentrated water-soluble fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium. It is intended for foliar application on fruit trees and berries, vegetables in the field and under cover.

Miligard® should be used as a complementary source of phosphorus and potassium for plants.

Thanks to unique and specific composition it helps plants become stronger and healthier, which increases their resistance to unfavourable conditions.


Miligard® is a breakthrough in the field of plant fertilization. The unique formulation delivers phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to the plant as well as forms a thin-layer film on leaf surfaces significantly enhancing the bioavailability of the nutrients.

Plants become stronger and healthier, which increases their resistance to unfavourable conditions for plant growth.

The fertilizer composition is based on simple mineral compounds and substances approved for use in food. These ingredients selected in precise proportions allow to obtain an effective effect of fertilizing and strengthening the plants.

The product does not contain phosphites or acid carbonates (bicarbonates).


Miligard® may be used both to increase the quality of crops and to supplement traditional chemical crop protection against diseases.

In many cases, it allows to decrease the use of chemical fungicides, which reduces the risk of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.

It has been proven that plants treated with Miligard® are significantly less attacked by numerous fungal diseases like: powdery mildew, rusts diseases, grey mould (Botrytis), apple scab, downy mildew, sugar beet leaf spot.


Miligard® can be offered in the following packaging:
1 kg
5 kg
10 kg

Custom options available upon request.


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