Based on our experience and the market success of our products, ICB Pharma renders commercial services in the area of analytics, research and development of products supplied to Polish and foreign chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Supplier of analytic services. Professional, competitive with regard to prices and available on demand.

In perfectly-equipped company laboratories, specialists of ICB Pharma render the full range of physical-chemical and analytical services.

In the analytical laboratory of ICB Pharma, the company’s specialists perform the full range of ordered physical-chemical and analytical tests of products of European and global companies. Depending on clients’ needs, they test, for instance, the appearance, PH, combustibility of solids, viscosity, surface pressure, and they perform tests of accelerated aging of products. Among other things, they analyse technical properties of crop protection products and biocide products used by clients.

The laboratory also offers analyses for the needs of registration tests and for extension of validity of crop protection products.

Manufacturer of micro- and nano-encapsulated formulations. The largest in Europe.

ICB Pharma is the largest supplier of micro- and nano-encapsulated formulations in the old continent.

It is one of few chemical companies in the world whose specialists are capable of introducing micro-encapsulated forms to wide production.

ICB Pharma specialists offer clients who use non-encapsulated formulas to apply micro- or nano-encapsulation, thus eliminating the limitations of the original formula while retaining its advantages.

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