Honey bee attractant.
Higher yields thanks to better pollination.
  • increased attractiveness of crop flowers for bees and other pollinators
  • more effective pollen transfer and flower pollination
  • even a 20-25% increase in yields. Higher-quality yield
  • ‘Slow Release’ technology – effectiveness over almost the entire flowering period
Biopolin - visualisation


The product is intended to be used during the flowering period of crops. It significantly increases the attractiveness of crop flowers for bees and other pollinating insects. The product increases the level of activity of pollinating insects and their visitation rate to flowers, ensures a more effective pollen transfer and, consequently, better pollination of crops. As a result, the quality and quantity of yield increases significantly.

The product is intended to be used on arable crops, including oilseed rape, buckwheat and mustard, and horticultural crops: fruit trees and bushes, vegetables, including seed orchards.

The product should be sprayed on crops, after dilution in water, using traditional agro-chemicals application equipment.


Biopolin® is a mixture of several natural compounds, including among others constituents of essential oils, in carefully selected proportions, which enable the maximum possible synergy in terms of attracting pollinators and increasing the level of their activity to be achieved.

The product is based on the advanced Slow Release Technology, which prevents rapid inactivation (release) of the attractants after the initial application. Attractants are placed in microparticles and are released gradually. Because of this, the attraction of insect pollinators to the target is stable, and extended for a long time.

Thanks to the Slow Release Technology used, only one treatment is necessary to achieve the desired results.

Biopolin® attracts and increases the level of activity of the basic pollinating insects, such as honey bees, red mason bees and bumblebees.

The product prevents bees from visiting neighbouring wild plants, which may be more attractive than the crops that are to be pollinated.

Crop yields usually increase by 10-25% after the application of the product. Moreover, many crop quality parameters increase significantly.


Effective pollination of crop flowers is an important, often a decisive, factor in producing good yields from crops.

Most crops need pollination by foreign pollen, i.e. cross-pollination, to produce good yields. The majority of those crops are entomophilous plants, which need the presence and adequate activity of pollinating insects for proper pollination. Standard cultivation processes, such as ensuring the fertility of the soil, fertilisation, chemical protection, stimulation of growth, will not ensure that the yield potential of crops is fully achieved if crop flowers are not properly pollinated. The benefits of supporting crop pollination are indisputable.

The steady decline in bee population, which presents a risk for the natural crop pollination process, is a rapidly growing global problem. The problem needs to be addressed in order to maintain adequate agricultural and horticultural yields. This is of crucial importance given that approximately 1/3 of global food production depends on pollinating insects.

Thus, the use of Biopolin®, which attracts pollinators and supports the pollination process, is advisable and economically viable.


Biopolin® can be offered in the following packaging:

  • 1 L
  • 5 L

Custom options available upon request.


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