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ICB Pharma Health Care Department develops solutions used widely in health care sector.

The products created and developed there protect humans against biological threats. What needs to be mentioned, they are based on company’s own, innovative recipes. The products are characterized by safety of use and high effectiveness proven by clinical research and the majority of them has the status of medical devices.

The products created by ICB Pharma’s chemists rest on advanced technologies, such as micro- and nano-encapsulation, Slow Release Technology™, o-effect® technology or APRF™ technology. Such innovative solutions directly contribute to products’ safety, effectiveness and duration of action.

Currently, ICB Pharma Health Care Department manufactures three lines of products – NITOLIC®, ALLERGOFF® and KICK THE TICK® used respectively to treat pediculosis, to neutralize household dust allergens and to prevent tick-borne diseases.

The products are known and valued by consumers not only in many European countries but also in Africa and South America.