Plant growth stimulant with
  • enhances plant growth and improves yield
  • increases crop quality, e.g. fruit weight and firmness
  • improves the absorption of nutrients and water
  • enhances chlorophyll synthesis and the photosynthesis process
  • increases the plant resistance to many stresses
    (e.g. water deficit, salinity, high temperatures)
Siltan - packshot


Siltan® is a plant growth stimulant containing titanium. It is intended for foliar application during periods of intensive plant growth, the fruit setting stage and when plants face abiotic stress factors.


The preparation contains organic form of titanium (0.2%) + spreading agents (silicone polymers).

The unique formulation ensures excellent titanium absorption. Titanium stimulates plants to better growth and yield, increases the weight and firmness of the fruit and reduces cracking. The use of Siltan® has a positive effect on the photosynthesis process and biomass production.

Siltan® is authorised as an organic-mineral plant growth stimulant, on the basis of the decision of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development No. S-1101/22 of 28.03.2022.

WHY Siltan®?

Siltan® provides easily absorbable form of titanium and its efficient distribution and effective absorption by plants.

The use of the unique formulation based on silicone polymers ensures:

  • uniform distribution of the spray solution on the surface of the treated plants,
  • very good adhesion of the spray solution to the leaf surface („sticker” effect).

All ingredients of Siltan® are well known for safety and are not likely to pose any risk to humans. Therefore, this product has a high safety standard and can be applied to edible plant parts.

Titanium – after application of the product titanium is transformed into a form which is classified as a food additive. In addition, this form is easily absorbable by plants.

Spreading agents – the product contains silicone polymers that have been thoroughly tested for safety use in food.

All monomers of silicone copolymers included in the product meet the requirements set out in the Regulation EC (No.) 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Moreover, their quality and safety is proved by the fact that they are:

  • reviewed, approved and exempted from the pre-harvest interval (PHI) when applied to food crops,
  • approved in organic farming in the USA.


Siltan® is offered in a 1 L package.

Custom options available upon request.


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