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The ICB Pharma Animal Health Division deals with the broadly understood health protection of farm and pet animals. It also takes care of people, combating or limiting zoonoses for which parasites and insects are frequent vectors.

In the production of the preparations offered by the Division, innovative technologies are used. One of the most important of these technologies is Ecto Net. It allows the use of the physical mechanism of action of a preparation, causing the immobilisation of the parasites feeding on an animal with no active substances. In practice, this means many benefits for animals and humans. Among others, there is no possibility of developing the resistance by the combated pests. Furthermore, the preparation does not penetrate the animal tissues or laid eggs and is friendly for the environment.

The latter feature is associated with the most important characteristics of the products developed by the Animal Health Division, namely the safety for people, animals and environment. This is what drives the employees of the Division in their day-to-day efforts aimed at the development of new products and effective technologies. While doing this, we are in constant touch with our business partners and practices. This allows us to better understand the needs and respond to the real challenges faced by those who deal with animal farming, breeding and treatment on a daily basis. In exchange for the expertise they share we provide them with top quality products which fully meet the expectations for the effective treatment.

We are confident that the strong commitment demonstrated by the employees of the ICB Pharma Animal Health Division allows us to be a reliable partner for veterinary doctors, breeders and owners of pet animals.

The Animal Health Division preparations are available in Europe, South America and Asia.