ALLERGOFF® Atopy – cream
Barrier cream for face and body

Groundbreaking formula.
Long – lasting relief for the skin.
  • restores proper skin barrier functions
  • eliminates dry skin caused by a.o. insufficient natural lipids production
  • stimulates of the growth of good bacterial flora
  • intensively moisturizes the skin
Allergoff Atopy cream visualisation

Product properties:

Allergoff® Barrier cream for face and body is a medical device rich in ingredients which coat sensitive skin and create moisturizing and protective barrier on its surface. The created film soothes symptoms related to various skin dermatitis such as: itching, burning and general discomfort.

Allergoff® Barrier cream for face and body is recommended as a support of main atopic dermatitis therapy and also to soothe the symptoms of other skin dermatitis like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Groundbreaking formula Allergoff® Atopy:

    Complex containing blackcurrant seed oil, cardiospermum halicacabum flower extract and sunflower seed oil, which protects damaged skin barrier, soothes the feeling of irritation, dryness and itching.
  • OMEGA PLUS oil complex
    Contains beneficial fatty acids from sunflower seeds, corn, sesame, olive oil and macadamia oil, which have a favourable effect on the skin and help to restore natural, protective skin’s barrier.
    It is a mixture of natural inulin polysaccharides and glucose oligosaccharide, which supports
    the growth of the good bacterial flora of the skin and thus limits the development of pathogenic one.
  • UREA
    Intensively moisturizes the skin. It is one of the main ingredients of Natural Moisturizing Factor
    (NMF). NMF protects the lipid barrier responsible for proper function of the skin barrier.


Allergoff® Atopy barrier cream for face and body is free from paraffin, petroleum derivatives, fragrances, color additives and parabens.


Allergoff® Atopy barrier cream for face and body is available in packaging of 75 ml.

Market overview

Atopic dermatitis is chronic inflammatory disease characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission. It’s estimated that about 20% of human population in the world suffers from atopic dermatitis. The very huge problem is also psoriasis.

It’s extremely important to soothe the symptoms by using the protective barrier products which support proper skin functions. These are extremely important for the therapy to be succesfull and for the patient’s comfort. One of the most important element in complementary treatment is the elimination of dry skin symptoms by applying the barrier products with moisturizing and softening properties and creating the protective barrier thanks to which skin is better protected against negative impact of external factors.


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