ALLEVEIN gel forte
For healthy and good looking legs

Gel for daily skin care of fatigue, swollen and "heavy" legs.
  • alleviates swelling and redness
  • reduces the appearance of broken capillaries
  • brings relief and relaxation
  • improves skin appearance and its condition
Allevein gel - image

Product properties:

Allevein forte gel cares for the skin and soothes the symptoms of „heavy legs” thanks to a unique composition of ingredients.

  • Horse chestnut extract
    Improves general legs condition by strengthening blood vessels and enhancing elasiticity.
  • Heparin*
    Nourishes the skin and prevents from blood clots.
  • Butcher’s broom extract
    Protects blood vessels and improves microcirculation.


* with gentle massage

Allevein forte gel is recommended

  • especially for people prone to swellings, dilated capillaries and people staying in the same position for long term, while travelling and during heat waves
  • to prevent against venous insufficiency of the lower extremities
  • to alleviate the early symptoms of venous insufficiency such as pain, edema and legs cramps
  • in case of the appearance of dilated or broken blood vessels, commonly known as „spider veins”
  • to reduce swellings and bruises after injuries

Product offer

Allevein gel forte is available in a 100g tube.

Market overview

About 30% of population suffers from „heavy legs” symptoms. This applies primarily to people who stay in one position for too long, the elderly and people who do not do enough physical activity. Hot weather also increase these symptoms.

„Heavy legs” are not only an aesthetic problem, but also a serious health issue. It requires supporting the condition of blood vessles, treating the symptoms and relieving the discomfort.

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