At ICB Pharma, we place the pursuit of common values at the same level as competence. We are aware that teamwork builds individual value of each of us and even though we have more than average achievements in the global scale, we respect the effort and knowledge of other people. We like to work and talk about what we do. We co-operate with our current managers and specialists thanks to intermediary services of head hunters and thanks to recommendations.

The recruitment process at ICB Pharma is different, depending on the target position.

Managerial and specialized positions

Number 1

The first meeting with the head of division

Regardless of the method of contact during the first stage of recruitment, the candidates meet the head of the selected division. This is a meeting devoted to the merits, during which we specify and verify candidates’ competence.

Number 2

The second meeting with the owners

When the first stage of the recruitment is behind us, future members of ICB Pharma team meet the owners. This is the time to talk about the values we follow and goals we want to achieve together.

Number 3

The third meeting with the management board

The process of recruitment to managerial and specialized positions ends with a meeting with the management board. This is a chance to get to know the top management of ICB Pharma and discuss the details which will finally determine the commencement of co-operation.

Production positions

Number 1

The first meeting with the head of the HR division and the head of production

This is a meeting during which the substantive competence of our future employees is verified and details and conditions of co-operation are discussed

Number 2

The second meeting with the production leaders

During this meeting, candidates are introduced to their work. During the meeting, we talk about the details of the work in a given position and about daily schedule.