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to ICB Pharma

Innovation is our basic mode of action, thanks to which we create the cutting – edge, breakthrough and unique solutions in the field of chemistry.

In our laboratories dozens of products belonging to Health Care, Crop Solutions and Pest Innovations departments have been created. They are used every day by individual as well as professional users in 90 countries on 6 continents.


ICB Pharma’s products are the example of most modern solutions, where highest biological efficacy is linked with minimization of unfavorable influence on people and environment. In case of many of our products, the original and highly advanced technologies – e. g. micro and nano encapsulations are applied.

ICB Pharma is one of the most innovative chemical companies in the world.

more than 180 products
global patents
innovative products a year

Departments of ICB Pharma


ICB Pharma analytical laboratory was founded to conduct the highest level analyses while maintaining competitive prices and short delivery time.

Our laboratory is located in ICB Pharma brand new premises, meeting the requirements for safe and reliable physico-chemical and analytical testing.