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Welcome to ICB Pharma

Innovation is our basic mode of action, thanks to which we create the cutting – edge, breakthrough and unique solutions in the field of chemistry.


In our laboratories dozens of products belonging to Health Care, Crop Solutions and Pest Innovations departments have been created. They are used every day by individual as well as professional users in 90 countries on 6 continents.


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ICB Pharma analytical laboratory was founded to conduct the highest level analyses while maintaining competitive prices and short delivery time.

Our laboratory is located in ICB Pharma brand new premises, meeting the requirements for safe and reliable physico-chemical and analytical testing.



June 6th – World Pest Day

It’s World Pest Day on June 6th! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the unsung heroes who protect us from pesky invaders.


Pest Control Operators play a crucial role in safeguarding our homes, businesses, and even our health. They work tirelessly to eliminate pests that can wreak havoc on our lives. From rodents to insects, their expertise keeps these unwanted guests at bay.


Integrated Pest Management is the key to effective pest control. It’s a holistic approach that focuses on long-term prevention rather than just temporary fixes. By combining biological, cultural, and chemical methods, IPM aims to strike a balance between pest management and environmental sustainability.

Diamonds 2023

We are pleased to inform that ICB PHARMA has become the winner of the FORBES DIAMONDS 2023 Award 💎


FORBES Diamonds is one of the most prestigious rankings among Polish private companies. The Forbes Diamonds list is developed on the basis of the Swiss method of evaluation of companies, which takes into account both: companies’ financial results 💰 and the value of their assets.


At Gala held in Tychy Mr. Paweł Zielewski – Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Polska magazine awarded us in the category of companies with revenues from PLN 50 to 250 million in the Silesian Voivodeship.


The received award is a success achieved thanks to the commitment and hard work of our employees – a great THANK YOU for ALL OF YOU❤

Happy Easter!

May you all feel the hope of new beginning. Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Killgerm Poland Workshops

Another very successful week is behind us. Killgerm Polska workshops in Warsaw. We couldn’t miss it. This year we talked about marketing at Pest Control. We have already announced the next edition topic. It will be about changes in the regulation, from the perspective of a practitioner and an expert.


NPMA East in Dubai 2033

Dubai, as I found out, is not only the tallest building in the world. It is also conversations at the highest level, high-class distributors sharing high-quality knowledge.


You have to be there!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ICB Pharma wishes you a Merry Christmas, many gifts from Santa Claus and a Happy New Year.


Family Business Gala

We are pleased to announce that ICB Pharma was given the Award as one of the most valuable Polish Family Companies in the Forbes magazine ranking.


This valuable Award means that we do remember, maybe even clearer, about the beginnings of our activity – the times when the company was just made of a few people who had only a bit more than great knowledge, vision and hope.


Consistent and long-term implementation of the assumptions made us become the part of this honorable group of winners of the plebiscite.


Thank you!

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EuroTier? Soon!

EuroTIER 2022, HANNOVER, GERMANY is about to take place on 15th – 18th of November. Animal Health Department of ICB Pharma will be there for sure.


It will be a perfect occasion to discuss the matters of our mutual interests 🙂


Meet us at our stand – Halle 21 | D28


It will be a great pleasure to see you there!


Provecta? It’s simple!

We prepared a special digital course to show in a simple way what Provecta® is and how it should be used to take full benefits of it advantages for pest control business.


After watching the entire course, you can take the test and receive a personal certificate of completion of the training.


So, here we go!

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Expocida Iberia

A month ago, the Pest Innovations team participated in the Expocida Iberia event in Madrid.


The event gathered 44 exhibitors and over 500 participants related to the Pest Control and Environmental Health industries.


During the event, we presented the best ways to eliminate pests populations: how to deal with them quickly, effectively and for a long lasting.


Interzoo 2022

The Animal Health department visited the Interzoo fair in Nuremberg last week. It was one of the biggest event for the producers and customers of the zoological industry.


We have met there with our current and potential business partners.  We also had the opportunity to know the latest trends in the industry among over 2,000 exhibitors in 12 halls.


Department team come back full of ideas and willingness to act.

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Dergall - logo

Ectoparasites of the animals

Kick the tick - logo

Tick – borne diseases prevention

Siltac- logo

Plant pests control

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nitolic - logo

Pediculosis treatment


Successful beekeeping

Drosinal - logo

Monitoring Drosophila suzukii


Resistance inducer

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Bed bugs and cockroaches control

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Flying and crawling pest control


Attractant for pollinating insects


Plant strengthener

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Wasps and flies monitoring

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Monitoring Drosophila melanogaster

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Mosquitoes populations control

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Cockroaches and ants populations control

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Skin diseases

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Insect bites

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Legs skin care treatment

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Successful calcium absorption

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Effective zinc absorption

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An insecticide against the pharaoh ants

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An insecticide against sugar feeding ants