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Welcome to ICB Pharma

Innovation is our basic mode of action, thanks to which we create the cutting – edge, breakthrough and unique solutions in the field of chemistry.


In our laboratories dozens of products belonging to Health Care, Crop Solutions and Pest Innovations departments have been created. They are used every day by individual as well as professional users in 70 countries on 6 continents.





ICB Pharma analytical laboratory was founded to conduct the highest level analyses while maintaining competitive prices and short delivery time.

Our laboratory is located in ICB Pharma brand new premises, meeting the requirements for safe and reliable physico-chemical and analytical testing.




Health Care Team at the conference in Gdynia

Between February 7-9 took place the 16th Academy of Dermatology and Allergology in Gdynia. The event was organized by The Dermatology and Allergology Clinic ( UCK ) from Gdansk.


The program of the Conference was rich of workshops and lectures starting from the early morning and lasting till the late evening.


Over 230 doctors, the lecturers and other guests were invited to the conference.


Among invited doctors, the dermatologists were the most numerous group who visited our booth with real enthusiasm and attention.


Product workshops for Summit-Agro Ukraine

We would like to express our thanks to Summit-Agro Ukraine articipation in meeting revolved around the Siltac EC insecticide.


This time we were hosting regional representatives and technical experts. As a result of their great experience the workshops were highly specialized and informative.


We keep our fingers crossed for our successful cooperation on the Ukrainian market.


Invitation to Cairo

Last month – Ms Anna Gawron, the Head of Health Care Department – represented ICB Pharma in „Kick off 2020” meeting which was organized by our business partners – XFactor Medical and Globe Pharmaceuticals in Cairo.


Thank you for the invitation and possibilty of presentation the ICB Pharma and Nitolic brand.


Thanks to a huge involvment of our partners in promotion and sales, the Nitolic brand becomes more and more successfull on Egyptian market.

Official visit of Prime Minister to ICB Pharma - image

Official visit of Prime Minister to ICB Pharma

Today, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki together with the Silesian Voivode Jarosław Wieczorek, the Mayor of the City of Jaworzno Paweł Silbert and Deputy Mayor Monika Bryl have visited ICB Pharma.


The Prime Minister gave a speech and his words etched in our memory: “The heart is growing that in Poland we have companies that can be globally successful. I am proud that Polish entrepreneurs, scientists, employees, technicians and engineers are able to create such a great work. Here, in this company I see the great Polish potential, creativity of economic development based on innovative Polish products. Ladies and Gentlemen, we need such companies and such economic development. The sources of our success lie precisely in companies like this one in Jaworzno, as well as in the minds and ideas of our scientists and researchers.”


TSW 2020 in Poland is over now

We would like to thank all the visitors who came over to know us and to get useful information about our innovative solutions.


We look forward to continuing the talks we have started, which will lead us to new cooperations with great partners.


Thank you again and see you next year.


Siltac introduced to tomato cultivation in Spain

At the beginning of October when in Jaworzno was 14˚C, the Crop Solutions team experienced a slightly higher temperature thanks to Leven Agricola from Spain. Thanks to their commitment, our main product Siltac has been already introduced to tomato cultivation in greenhouses.


It is worth to mention that Spain and mostly Almeria in the region of Andalusia is the main producer of tomatoes for the European market. Thus, we are extremely proud that we can support the production of healthy vegetables with no pesticides residues.


Also, we would like use this opportunity and thank our partner Summit-Agro Ukraine for their presence during our visit in Spain and participation in product workshops organized by Leven Agricola.


This time for Serbia!

Another interesting country and promising market potential for ICB Pharma products.


For years we have collaborated with Visan company, which is one of the most prominent experts in the field of Pest Control in Serbia.


A month ago, we were honored to welcome the owner of Visan company together with his close associates. As a result, we are discussing the possibility of launching new products of the Pest Innovations Department in the market of Serbia.


Siltac fights the pests of Indonesians tea

Indonesia belongs to one of the biggest tea planters in the world.


Local planters come up against serious problems like eradicating aggressive pests along with the pesticide residues limitation. Even in this far – distant country ICB Pharma and its innovative solutions was spotted and appreciated.


Siltac turns out to be perfect and unique antidote for the problems of tea planters. In November, Crop Solution representative paid a visit in Indonesia to conduct the field tests in order to demonstrate the most effective usage of Siltac against pests on the tea plants. The workshop was very productive, the sides shared many experiences.


As it was pointed by one of the Indonesian participants; The Queen Elisabeth II will enjoy her 5 o’clock tea treat with the Indonesian specialty– free from pesticides residues.


FAOPMA Pest Summit in South Korea

FAOPMA Pest Summit is the most prestigious event in pest control industry taking place in Asia and Oceania.


It is the lively meeting place for the leading suppliers of the pest products. Although the exhibition is situated more than 8000 kilometers from our office, ICB Pharma products were available on the stand of our authorized distributor in that region.


We are particularly proud and pleased that ProVecta and Dergall still attract new customers and succeed on more and more markets.


ICB Pharma awarded by Forbes Magazine

On November 21st at MONOPOL Hotel in Katowice gathered the most valuable family companies from both ślaski and opolski district, to award them with prizes and distinctions. The ranking of family owned companies of magazine is a prestigious ranking of the most dynamically developing family businesses in Poland. 2612 companies were selected as prize winners.


ICB Pharma was distinguished in a category of the companies making up to 100 mln PLN of income in śląski district and came in at number 24 among other companies from that district.


We are proud and extremely surprised! The topics like “Is it profitable to run the family business in Poland” were discussed during a meaningful debate. Among the arguments for, it was emphasised that family businesses are more socially responsible, reliable and stable, also in the field of establishing partnerships.


We would like to thank all our employees and partners; both present and prospective ones, for whom these are the values that determine partnership.

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ICB Pharma research and development centre

The increase of ICB PHARMA’S RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT potential by crating The Research and Development Centre expanding the range of scientific research performed by highly qualified staff.

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