Dergall® Hobby

Efficiency and safety in control of mites and insects in amateur and professional animal breeding; provides a significant improvement of the welfare of bred animals.
  • efficient against various species of mites and insects
  • can be applied in the presence of animals
  • safe for the environment and the human beings
  • does not contain any harmful active ingredients
  • physical mode of action eliminates the possibility that pests will become resistant
  • lowers the risk of bacterial infections
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Product properties:

Dergall® Hobby is a physical mode of action product based on a unique Ecto Net Technology. When applied to a surface it forms an air – permeable, three dimensional molecular structure. It causes the external mechanical immobilization of the pests, which inhibits their ability to feed and reproduce, resulting in a significant reduction of their population.

Dergall® Hobby works non-specifically; it is efficient against a wide spectrum of parasitic mites (red poultry mite, scaly leg mite and snake mite), harmful insects (darkling beetle, weeveil) and many other species.

Microbiology protection

Dergall® Hobby improves microbiological cleanliness and hygiene in the breeding areas without the need for antibiotics and detergents.


Dergall® Hobby:

  • exhibits non-specific efficacy against various bacteria, including pathogenic strains
  • inhibits the colonization and development of infectious diseases in the breeding areas
  • lowers the level of contamination and the risk of development of airborne diseases
  • lowers the risk of transmission of zoonotic diseases
  • provides microbiological protection of laid eggs


Dergall® Hobby is a patent protected formulation.

No registration required

As the product does not contain an active ingredient, it does not require a registration.


  • provides high efficacy in control of parasitic and harmful arthropods
  • can be used in the presence of animals at any stage of the breeding cycle
  • has no negative effect on embryotic development and hatchability
  • limits the use of antibiotics and detergents



Polyalkyleneoxide modified heptamethyltrisiloxane.

Product offer:

100 ml

Market overview:

Sensitivity of birds and reptiles to commonly used pesticides creates a demand for a solution which effectively controls arthropods while being safe for animals, people and the environment. Dergall® Hobby is designed for breeders of ornamental species of birds, pigeons and chickens in backyard henhouses as well as for reptile breeders.

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Business opportunity:

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