Why ICB Pharma?

At ICB Pharma, we focus on innovativeness and development of our employees. It is their achievements, measured by global success, that help them to get the sense of self-satisfaction, and help us to strengthen our position as one of the most innovative chemical companies.

ICB Pharma remains a family company despite its global range. This is a unique category of companies. Working with the best people in their specializations, we cherish individualism, and, at the same time, we place a lot of emphasis on team success. Both we and our employees are formed by the success in Poland and many foreign markets.


Why is it still a good idea to join us?


We provide our employees with the tools which facilitate their work and life after work. A phone and computer, also for private purposes, are a must. A company car is a great merit and significant reduction of private costs. English lessons guarantee comfort during conversations with our partners all over the world.

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We develop as quickly as the members of our team. That is why we care so much for their development.
Depending on the adopted career path, we pay for our employees’ MBA, doctoral and
post-graduate studies and we help them to participate in international trade events, symposiums and workshops. We organize customized internal training and we use renowned external training. Members of the management of ICB Pharma are also covered by an individual programme of development of personal image.

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We are 100 per cent committed to our work. We also make sure that we use the free time well. If we want to, we spend it together. This is facilitated by dance and yoga classes organized at the company’s headquarters. When we celebrate, we play and sing. And since we often have an opportunity to celebrate our successes, we have created a special music room. Chemists-musicians can pursue their interests and amateurs of good tunes can relax there. We organize motorbike and sailing trips together.

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International projects

Our products are available in several tens of countries in the world. International projects are a privilege allowing us and our employees to gain a new, unique experience. Thanks to that, our specialists are ones of the best in the business, and those who are with us since recently, quickly join them.

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Reimbursement of relocation costs

Experience has taught us that talented people are born in any place in the world. Those of them for whom the joining of the ICB Pharma team involves a change of their place of residence are guaranteed the coverage of relocation costs, to the value of PLN 5000.

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Work comfort

The modern office of ICB Pharma allows you to work in truly comfortable conditions. The layout of rooms guarantees effective, individual work. Meeting areas, on the other hand, facilitate team work. It is here, where ideas of products are developed which later gain respect of specialists from China to Mexico.

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