Final Bite®

Organic Slug & Snail granular bait- a low risk, metaldehyde alternative.
  • Eliminates a wide range of slug and snail species
  • Environmentally-friendly, low risk formulation based on elemental iron. In soil it breaks down to natural nutrients for plants
  • High palatability – acts as an attractive alternative food source for slugs and snails, distracting them from plants
  • Low risk to people, pets, dogs, cats, birds and other fauna


Final Bite can be used in field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, berries, home lawns and gardens.

The product should be scattered in the evening, as slugs and snails crawl and feed mostly at night or early in the morning.

Reaplication may be necessary when the number of molluscs is high.

Recommended dosage: 7 kg/ha.


Final Bite is a highly effective product for control of slugs and snails, based on elemental iron and food grade attractants of natural origin. It is “ready to use” pelletise bait. Once molluscs consume the pellets, they stop feeding immediately, crawl away and die hidden. Thanks to that there are no visible dead slugs and snails around protected plants.


Final-Bite can be offered in the packagings depending on `customer’s request.


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