Backstage at a movie set

This time in Venice… Maybe not the Italian one, yet still a lovely place surrounded by picturesque water. Over there lies a Hen Hacienda (Kurza Hacjenda) – one of those places in Poland, where hobby and passion for birds have dominated the lives of people taking care of them. As our product Dergall Hobby is made specifically for such places, we had to go there.


Take a look at backstage pictures from the production of the movie about that magic place.


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The movie

How to recognize head lice infestation? How to treat head lice? How to avoid re-infestation? These questions always appear in the minds of parents after the holidays.


As experts in the treatment of head lice, we decided to prepare some newinstructional videos which will surely help to dispel any doubts.


Please have a look at the NITOLIC® film frames. Exceptionally no louse have suffered here.


A visit to Polish Strawberry Institute

If you think that strawberry season has already passed then you might be wrong. We can still enjoy their sweet smell and flavour. Thanks to applying innovative solutions to strawberry growing on the table tops under shields, they can be harvested from spring to late autumn.


Last Friday, our Crop Team visited the pioneer of this method: Polish Strawberry Institute at the research and development plantation in Tyniec near Kraków.


We would like to thank dr hab. Jan Błaszczyk and dr hab. Jacek Nawrocki for their time spent on presentation of the research programme:


ICB Pharma loves bees and won’t let anyone hurt them!

Join us and invite them to your garden full of melliferous plants and remember – do not use pesticides during the season for bees. Every third spoon of our food depends on the pollination.


Let’s keep the words of Einstein in mind: ”… If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”


Our product Siltac EC is gaining a new market

We have just started a cooperation in Ukraine, the country of high agricultural potential and an excellent cultivation conditions.


We would like to thank our new distributors Summit-Agro Ukraine and ТОВ “Спектр – Агро” for very successful product workshops that took place in ICB Pharma location.


Swedish horticulture adviser

We are just discovering the Swedish market, and here is such a surprise. One of the leading Swedish horticulture advisers, Mrs. Anna-Karin Johansson, visited our company. Thank you for your time and conversations. We are glad that the Swedish market will be supported by our innovative technologies.


We keep our fingers crossed for cooperation and success.


Our new website

We are pleased to announce the new version of Bifent Fogger Plus®. The unique mixture of three active substances with an innovative ALL IN WEB technology enables effective elimination of insecticide-resistant pest species in hardly accessible locations.


Bifent Fogger Plus provides maximum exposure of the pest to the active substances and ensures their even deposition on an insect’s body. The new version also means improved OPEN / CLOSE system which enables to apply the accurate application rate, providing a possibility of multiple-use.


We kindly invite you to our New English version website

Univar Solutions and ICB Pharma - photo

Innovative Grow. Univar Solutions and ICB Pharma

Last week, the representatives of ICB Pharma had a great pleasure to participate in a conference organized by Univar Solutions in Miami.


Univar Solutions is a leading distributor of pest control and agrochemical products in Central, North and South America. During the conference we had an opportunity to showcase our products and participate in a series of productive meetings. As a result of fruitful discussions, our partner has already expressed his interest in implementing our solutions.


We are thrilled by the success of our delegation and for the opportunity to introduce our products on the American market.


The Wadowice Mill Jazz Festival of 2019 is already behind us…

Once again, jazz music has been performed by world-class stars in Wadowice. The festival ran from July 5-7 July, 2019.
Macy Gray, Matt Dusk, Mario Biondi and many other artists came to celebrate the next edition of the Wadowice Mill Jazz Festival.


ICB Pharma was there as well, as one of the partners of this event. As always, the Festival brought very unique atmosphere and joy of music.


New commitments, better possibilities.

Holidays are in full swing now, but we are still working intensively on the issues plaguing the gardeners and growers.


But we have ready solutions for them. From now on, thanks to the commitment and enormous experience of MALAGROW Hungary, our technologies will be effectively implemented into the Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak markets.


Thank you for the meeting and fruitful product workshops.


Another Training Session at ICB Pharma

On 17th to 19th of June, we had a real pleasure and a great privilege to host at ICB Pharma the representatives of BUTEO company from Croatia and our Dear Friends from Pirisa company, Brazil.


The delegates spent their time taking part in a two-day training to gain thorough knowledge about Dergall and ProVecta and also meet our company.


To our Dear Guests – Thank you so much for your visit! We do hope that your stay in Poland will remain as a pleasant memory for a long time. We are eagerly looking forward to turn the business plans we discussed into action.