Killgerm Polska workshops

On 24th June, ICB Pharma participated in an online workshop organized by Killgerm Polska.


Chief innovations & solutions officer in ICB Pharma, David Liszka, gave a very interesting presentation on the current and future challenges in the management of pests in urban areas.


The participants learned, among other things, how important it is to use an integrated pest control method.


One of its bases is the use of preparations with a mode of action alternative to the chemical one. This avoids the develop of resistance by pests of this way of eliminating them.


Provecta is a agent based on the innovative ALL IN WEB technology, which perfectly fits the current trends and needs of the Pest Control industry.


Learn more about Provecta:

Recotin roll-on news - image

Recotin roll-on

Are you looking for immediate relief after insect bites?


Our new Recotin roll-on is finally here!


The cooling, stainless steel roller ball applicator increases the soothing effect and furthermore:


  • quickly relieves itching sensation
  • reduces redness and swelling
  • acts as astringent
  • regenerates irritated skin


It owes its effectiveness to a smart composition of ingredients, such as:


  • andiroba oil
  • aloe leaf extract
  • canola oil
  • panthenol
  • menthol


The product is also perfect for the relief of contact dermatitis symptoms.

Are you ready to learn more about our product? Visit this link.

New website - Image

Dergall – new website

Dergall, product of Animal Health department, has received a new version of its website.


In addition to a lot of information about poultry parasites and ways to eliminate them, you can find the Calculator there.


Handy tool allows you to calculate the exact amount of Dergall necessary for an effective treatment.


We invite you to find all the new website:


Recotin patches – new!

Recotin patches after insect bites – NEW product offered by ICB Pharma Health Care.


The claim „Stop scratching by patching” briefly but accurately reflects the idea of how do the patches work.


Recotin patches quickly soothe itching sensation and create a mechanical barrier which protects the skin from scratching. They contain only natural ingredients.


One package includes 10 transparent patches and 20 patches with cute, original illustrations of animal motifs prepared for the youngest.


It is the perfect solution for the whole family! We hope that just like the Recotin gel, the patches will be accepted and appreciated by our customers.


Are you ready to learn more about our product? Just contact us.


International Highbush Blueberry Conference 2021

Farm development, strategy building, new cultivation technologies, following the needs of the blueberry market … this is what the International Highbush Blueberry Conference is associated with. This event took place last week in online form.


The employees of the Crop Solutions department took part in the event as an experts.


We would like to thank everyone who visited our virtual stand for all the conversations and positive comments about our products.


See you at the next edition!

EuroTier 2021 - image

EuroTier 2021

ICB Pharma team has joined the EURO TIER 2021 – the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, and EnergyDecentral, the leading international trade fair for innovative energy production.


For the first time the fair and all conferences and meeting went online and digital.


ICB Pharma is introducing DERGALL – innovative agent for poultry mite management.


We kindly invite you to meet our experts at poultry and research and development on the event platform


The fair will be held will be held exclusively as a digital version, 9th to 12th February 2021.

Lights, camera, action!

In recent days, our company has turned into movie and photo set.


Warmed up by the glow of flashlights, we are preparing completely new materials promoting our products from the Health Care line.


The Animal Health department is working intensively on the best advertising clips.


We will use these video materials at the EuroTier online event on February 9th-12th this year.


New materials soon.

Merry Christmas - image

Merry Christmas !!!

The coming days for many of us will be completely different from those we already know and remember.


We hope that during this time we will find joy and smile, not only for ourselves, but also for others. And that these feelings will stay with us forever.


ICB Pharma wishes of hope, calm, unflagging optimism and love to all our customers, partners, employees, friends and their close persons!


Diamonds are forever

Credibility, reliable payment history, positive legal history, the most effective increase the company’s value in the last 3 years.


These are just some of the conditions that a company must meet in order to become a winner of Forbes Diamonds plebiscite.


And ICB Pharma meets them all!


We are happy to announce that our company become the winners of the Forbes Diamonds 2021 plebiscite, which will be officially awarded in the coming year.


We would like to thank everyone who contributes to our success every day.


Tie and go!

Nitolic® prevent hair bands  for the prevention of head lice infestations – new product offered by ICB Pharma Health Care Department.


It is the answer for the needs of users which appreciate easiness of using, comfort of wearing and long lasting efficacy.


The advantages of product are pure natural composition made with essential oils, lack of pesticides, long lasting efficacy, instant protection from head lice infestations and simplicity of use.


Business Cheetah

We are happy to inform that ICB Pharma was awarded in the Business Cheetah Competition 2019!


In September this year, the results of the plebiscite were announced.


The criterion for receiving the award was the average of the dynamics of net profit and revenues, which had to be more than 10%.


For us it is an important distinction and a motivation for further dynamic development.


We would like to thank everyone who contributes to this process: the Management Board, Employees and Business Partners of ICB Pharma.