Bifent Fogger Plus®

Bifent Fogger Plus is a broad spectrum insecticide aimed at combating crawling and flying insects (wasps, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies etc.) in hardly accessible locations.
  • proliferation – even and thorough spreading of the preparation on the pest’s body
  • enhancement of the active ingredient’s bioavailability
  • extended surface of absorption on pest’s body
  • 100% mortality/knock down effect within 10 minutes from the application
Biffent fogger plus - visualisation

Product properties:

Biffent Fogger Plus® is an innovative broad spectrum insecticide aimed at combating crawling and flying insects, based on a unique combination of three active ingredients and an innovative All-in-Web, which results in an enhanced bioavailability of the active substance leading to greater absorption.

Thanks to the applied technology and the form of the product (ready to use ULV aerosol) it is a great solution for combating the pests living in hardly accessible places.

Bifent Fogger Plus® can be used for the indoor control of infestations in residential, commercial and industrial premises such as: offices, restaurants, stores and other public spaces.

Product’s unique features:

  • Spreading effect on the pest’s body results in greater efficacy.
  • Broad spectrum of application.
  • Easy to use also in hardly accessible places (ready to use aerosol).


Product designed for professional use only.


Tetramethrin, permethrin, piperonyl butoxide.

Product offer:

Volumes available

  • 100 ml

Market overview:

Sooner or later everyone faces the problem of insects’ presence either in residential areas or in public places. The severity of the issue is obvious and our product guarantees the effective way to eliminate the problem . The highly effective formulation against different kinds of flying and crawling insects is the product meeting your needs.

Business opportunity:

Our prospective partners are granted with high standards of cooperation, professional support, attractive purchase prices,  short lead-time  and above all – the product of the highest quality. We shall eagerly enter into business relation with reliable and experienced partners from different parts of the world. If you are interested in this unique product, please contact us.

We offer:

  • full product’s dossier
  • assistance and technical support
  • marketing and promotional materials


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