Lambdacide® 100 CS

A surface residual insecticide for the control of mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insects.
  • low toxicity of the working solution
  • long–term residual efficacy
  • no resistance – technology ensured by trampling mechanism, which results in effective reduction of the risk of vector – transmitted diseases
Lambdacide - visualisation

Product properties:

Lambdacide® 100CS is a surface residual insecticide for the control of the resistant pest populations such as: mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insect pests. It can be used outdoors for the mosquitoes control and indoors for mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies or fleas control. In both cases the application method is spraying.

Lambdacide® 100CS is a microcapsulated insecticide for dilution with water. Thanks to the applied technology, the product is characterized by optimized size of the capsules to cover porous surface. The average size of the capsules in Lambdacide® is d50 – (it is over 20 μm). This provides an ideal contact with the flying or crawling insect since smaller capsules usually disappear in cracks and crevices.

The product is designed to be used in different locations, to combat mosquitoes outdoors  as well as various species of crawling insects inside buildings i.e. in residential areas, offices, food processing plants, restaurants, shops and public places.

Product’s unique features:

  • Broad spectrum use.
  • Odour-free.
  • Large microcapsules technology.


Product designed for professional use only.


Lambda-cyhalothrin 100 g/L


Volumes available:

  • 1000ml

Market overview:

Sooner or later everyone faces the problem of insects’ presence either in residential areas or in public places. The severity of the issue is obvious and our product guarantees the effective way of eliminating this problem. The highly effective formulation based on microencapsulation technology working against different kinds of flying and crawling insects is the product meeting your needs.

Business opportunity:

Our prospective partners are granted with high standards of cooperation, professional support, attractive purchase prices, short lead-time and above all – the product of the highest quality. We shall eagerly enter into business relation with reliable and experienced partners from different parts of the world. If you are interested in this unique product, please contact us.

We offer:

  • full product’s dossier
  • assistance and technical support
  • marketing and promotional materials



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