ICB Sept solution
Hand skin and surfaces disinfection

ICB Sept it a solution for hygienic disinfection of damaged hand skin, daily use items and surfaces that do not have a contact with food.
  • it shows biocidal activity against viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) bacteria and fungi
  • above 70% alcohol concentration
ICB sept - visualisation

Product features

Recommended for use in places with elevated sanitary risks, particularly healthcare facilities and other places where the high level of hygiene is required.


ICB Sept contains over 70% alcohol , which made it highly effective against viruses elimination (including SARS-CoV-2) and it contain a bitter additive (called Bitrex) discouraging from touching the mouth with hands which further reduces the risk of infection.

Our offer

Available as 1L and 125ml bottles.

Market potential

Demand for disinfection products is year-round. Recently, due to pandemic of COVID-19, the demand is even higher because disinfection and attention to maintain high hygienic standards become a necessity and daily routine. The advantage of ICB Sept is the possibility to use the solution for disinfection of hand skin and daily use surfaces, which undoubtedly increase spectrum of customers. Moreover, the available volumes meet the needs of wide group of buyers including the individual ones.

Benefits of cooperating with a distributor

Due to intensive development of the company, we are looking for distributors and new trade areas.
We assure marketing support, attractive purchase conditions, high quality of products, offer customization to individual needs and short periods of order fulfillment. As a producer of high quality products with above 25 years of experience we are reliable business partner. In case of interest in our offer we highly encourage to contact with us.

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