ALLERGOFF® washing additive

The innovative product for house dust mites allergen's neutralisation in the textiles.
  • neutralizes and removes allergens and parasites
  • reduces the risk of transferring ticks to the home environment
  • protection lasts for 1 month
  • effective during soaking process, before machine or manual wash in temperature below 60°C


ALLERGOFF® washing additive neutralises and removes allergens from fabrics (sheets, quilts, towels, blankets and clothes). It is used during soaking process, before machine or manual wash. It supports treatment of inhaled allergy symptoms and parasitic skin condition caused by parasites like scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei), face mites (Demodex) and other.


  • Neutralises allergens commonly found in house dust
  • It’s also recommended in case of skin parasitic diseases therapy
  • ALLERGOFF® washing additive can be used for washing fabrics such a bedding for pets.


  • Allergoff® is safe for humans and pets
  • Passed toxicity and dermatological tests
  • Allergoff® has been certified by the National Institute of Public Health – Państwowy Zakład Higieny nr PZH/HT-2700/2012


ALLERGOFF® ALLERGEN NEUTRALISING WASHING ADDITIVE is available in a single unit: 20 ml or in multipack: 240 ml (12x20ml).

Market overview

The presence of inhaled allergens of house dust mites in the apartments is closely linked with the allergy development, exacerbation of allergic reactions and even with the asthma development. Inhaled allergens, scabies and also Demodex mites are present on clothes, towels, beddings, coverlets and curtains.  The use of Allergoff Wash provides the effective cleaning of the textiles during soaking process which precedes the washing in the temperature below 60 degrees.


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