Allergoff® PRO

House dust allergens neutralisation.
  • allergens of household pets
  • allergens of house dust mites
  • allergens of fungal spores
  • others
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Product properties:

Allergoff® PRO  is a concentrate of an aqueous suspension of polymeric microcapsules containing components that neutralise main allergens of house dust and reduce the level of dust related allergens present in the living areas.

The product contains a mixture of encapsulated substances that modify the structure of the allergenic particles causing the loss of their pathogenic properties.

It is a sanitary product, recommended to be applied in apartments and public utility facilities, such as: hotels, sanatoria, kindergartens, nurseries etc.

Allergoff® PRO uses a unique technology of polimeric microencapsulation (Slow Release Technology) which provides a controlled and gradual diffusion of the capsules’ content and as a result offers a complete inactivation of the allergens that lasts up to six months.

At the same time the product  glues particles together preventing them from floating  in the air and as a result it makes them easy to remove.

Allergoff® PRO is designed to decrease the risk of allergens of house dust mites being inhaled and as such is a crucial element of prevention against different types of allergens. It reduces the occurance of allergic diseases and protects against the exacerbation of allergies.

Allergoff® PRO is safe for people and pets – it has been tested for toxicity and it has been given a positive clinical assessment and has been  certified by the National Institute of Public Health (Narodowy Instytut Zdrowia Publicznego).

Product’s unique features:

  • Neutralises the main allergens of the house hold dust.
  • Efficacy for up to 6 months after one use.
  • Increases the overall hygiene of the spaces where it is used.
  • Can be used in the presence of children.
  • High efficiency of the concentrate.


Product designed for professional use only.


Benzyl benzoate.

Product offer:

Volumes available:

  • 500 ml

Market overview:

House dust mites allergy is one of the most common sensitizations in the world. It is also among most dangerous ones as it influences the development of asthma or atopic dermatitis. Prophylactic actions should be taken in order to improve significantly the quality of sensitized people’s life. However, cleaning is not enough… The fight against dust has been doomed to failure so far. Traditional cleaning limits the dust level in the premises, it does not eliminate it thoroughly though, as the dust particles float in the air and also accumulate in hardly accessible places. The allergic person breathes them in, which results in exacerbation of allergic symptoms. We offer the perfect solution – Allergoff® PRO – a 100 % effectiveness in house dust mites elimination guaranteed by an innovative approach towards the allergen neutralization.

Business opportunity:

Our prospective partners are granted with high standards of cooperation, professional support, attractive purchase prices,  short lead-time  and above all – the product of the highest quality. We shall eagerly enter into business relation with reliable and experienced partners from different parts of the world. If you are interested in this unique product, please contact us.

We offer:

  • full product’s dossier
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