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Innovation is our basic mode of action, thanks to which we create the cutting – edge, breakthrough and unique solutions in the field of chemistry.


In our laboratories dozens of products belonging to Health Care, Crop Solutions and Pest Innovations departments have been created. They are used every day by individual as well as professional users in 70 countries on 6 continents.


Grafika uruchamiająca film


On the film set - photo
The movie

On the film set. This time we are filming the instructions for application of our product – Dergall Hobby – dedicated to controlling the mites feeding on reptiles and ornamental birds.


We were assisted by the renewed breeder, known from Animal Planet Channel – Mr. Witold Plucik.


We promise to share the results of our work soon.

movie plan - photo
The Movie

For some of us, the film career has just started!


And all because of the film about the implementation of the new product’s version for our American client.


The film presents not only the process of projecting, but also the scientific tests, examining its efficacy. This is something really worth boasting about.

New website dermal-hobby - graphics
Our new website

The new website dergall-hobby.com dedicated to the ornamental birds and reptile breeders have been recently launched.


Besides the attractive graphics, the project created is a thorough compendium of knowledge of innovative 3D – IPNS technology implemented in Dergall Hobby.


Due to this unique technology, our product is not only effective but also has no negative influence on treated animals.


For more – visit dergall-hobby.com .

Hot Summer - graphics
Hot Summer

We are having the heat wave in Poland. With our innovative product – Kick the Tick we usually freeze ticks.


Because of such hot weather, we decided to freeze also other pests.


And what do you think about it?

PoluZONE 2018 Musical Workshop - photo
The fourth edition of PoluZONE Musical Workshop has just become the history

The fourth edition of @PoluZONE Musical Workshop has just become the history. The final concert that took place last Saturday was a unique and exquisit music feast!


Once again ICB Pharma supported young and talanted musicians from whole Poland. 120 talented, young participants took part in Jamms and final concert, giving a lot of joy to Jaworzno’s citizens. 


Next year it will be the fifth anniversary meeting at PoluZONE, so let us invite you right now for this amazing event!

new website Apimil
New website

It has been more than a month since we introduced the new website www.apimil.com dedicated to the product mitigating aggressive bees’ behavior.


Apimil® – a natural product used in hive management, which is a perfect substitution for the method that has been used so far.


We kindly invite to visit our website.

3 years in the new headquarters
Our third anniversary

The sustainable development as well as new headquarters gives ICB Pharma the possibility of constant improvement.


That is the way we celebrated our third Anniversary.

Photo from the PLMA fair
The PLMA 2018 trade fair is over

The PLMA trade fair is over.


We would like to express our thanks to all visitors of our stand.
Such considerable interest in our products is a real pleasure for us.


In Amsterdam we had a great opportunity to promote some of our key products, for example Fruit Fly Traps, Wasp & Fly Traps and products against ticks and head lice.


It seems that they will shortly find new customers in further markets.

Graphics to post about World and Russian Poultry Breeding Development Trends
World and Russian Poultry Breeding Development Trends

On May 15-17 we had a pleasure of participating in World and Russian Poultry Breeding Development Trends Conference taking place in Sergiev Posad in Russia.


We presented our innovative product for the red poultry mite control and improvement of the welfare of farmed birds, Dergall®.


Promoting innovative and safer methods for pest control is the goal of ICB Pharma.

ICB Pharma on National Hardware Show in Las Vegas
National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

Recently, ICB Pharma yet again had the pleasure of attending the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps. It was an amazing opportunity to meet our biggest business partners and to get acquainted with the latest products from all over the world, also from our field of interest.


It is exactly such a mixture of experiences, impressions, and talks that allows us to create plans for future development of our company.

Kick The Tick in TV
KICK THE TICK television campaign begins

KICK THE TICK television campaign begins TODAY.

Photo from Conference of Slovakian Pest Control Specialists
Conference of Slovakian Pest Control Specialists

On March 10-11 we were invited to the annual Conference of Slovakian Pest Control Specialists organized by our longtime partner, company DDD Servis S.R.O..


We had a pleasure of using this opportunity to promote our products and innovative ways of pest control.

Pest Control Products O.O.D. - photo
Pest Control seminar in Bulgaria

On 20th March we participated in a pest control seminar organized in a town of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria by our partner company Pest Control Products O.O.D.


We presented Attracide DF and Flyttracide DF; the new generation of products for control of crawling and flying pests.

Udział ICB Pharma w XVI Narodowej Konferencji Węgierskiego Stowarzyszenia Specjalistów DDD - photo
16th National Conference of the Hungarian Pest Control Association

On 22nd and 23rd of March 2018 we participated in the 16th National Conference of the Hungarian Pest Control Association in the town called Galyatető in Hungary.


Along with our business partner Csóti-Pati we displayed the presentation entitled “Is an efficient control of pests possible?”.


It was received with great enthusiasm by the audience.

European Quality Certificate

We are proud to announce that our product – KICK THE TICK® safe tick removal kit – dedicated to limitation of the risk of tick – borne diseases was awarded the EUROPEAN QUALITY CERTIFICATE® in the category: INNOVATIONS.

diamenty miesięcznika forbes
Forbes Diamonds 2018

We are delighted to inform that ICB Pharma has been a member of an honorable circle of Forbes Diamonds 2018 laureates. It is a major distinction and reward for the effort we dedicated to our company’s development.


Such a success is the result of a very hard work and commitment of our colleagues, whom we are more than grateful.

certifications DPL - photo
Good Laboratory Practice Certificate again

Dear Customers,


Recently, our analytical laboratory confirmed the highest standard of the offered services and it received Good Laboratory Practice Certificate again. The certificate is granted for the period of two years.


Additionally the laboratory extended the scope of the certificate to testing the residues of pesticides.

Eimeriana avia - photo
Eimeriana Avia

Together with our business partner – RAVET, we are present at “Eimeriana Avia” conference in Józefów.


The conference takes place on 2nd and 3rd of March. We kindly invite you to visit our common booth and to get familiar with ICB Pharma’s proposals in the field of poultry protection.

Best-Pest in Wadowice - photo
Best-Pest in Wadowice

„New solutions in Pest Control” is the title of the seminar that ICB Pharma took part in on 27th of February. Best Pest, our close and long-term business partner, arranged the seminar for its customers.

Gardenia 2018 - photo
Gardenia 2018

This time in Poznan! We are here and we kindly invite to visit us at the GARDENIA fair.


Find us on the 64 stand in the 5 hall.


Hope to see you soon.

Woodstream Product Innovation Award for ICB Pharma - photo
Woodstream Product Innovation Award for ICB Pharma

On February 20th 2018 ICB Pharma has taken part in Woodstream Suppliers’ Conference in Lancaster PA.


We are very proud to announce that during the venue we were awarded an Product Innovation Award.


That proves ICB Pharma’ innovative approach towards Chemistry is highly appreciated in Pest Control industry.

European Funds - graphic
ICB Pharma research and development centre

The increase of ICB PHARMA’S RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT potential by crating The Research and Development Centre expanding the range of scientific research performed by highly qualified staff.

ICB Pharma na Targach w Sandomierzu
Meeting of Fruit-Growers in Sandomierz

Like every year, we were present at Meeting of Fruit-Growers in Sandomierz from 31st January to 1st February 2018. We had a perfect opportunity to exchange the ideas with experts in that branch as well as with our current and prospective clients. Many thanks to you all for the productive talks. We will be happy to stay in touch with you and will be looking forward to meeting you next year.

Targi Pest Protect
PEST-PROTECT Fair Trade in Bremen

On 24th-25 th January we were present at PEST-PROTECT Fair Trade in Bremen.

Fruit Logistica 2018
Fruit Logistica

We kindly invite to visit us at the FRUIT LOGISTICA – the world’s leading trade show for International Fresh Produce Trade, which will take place between 7th – 9th February in Berlin. Find us on the E-16 stand in the B hall.


Hope to see you there – ICB Pharma Crop Solutions Team.

Podziękowania PTCA - scan
The gratitude plaque form PTCA

We are happy to share the gratitude plaque we received form PTCA (Polish Association of Atopic Diseases).


The opportunity to support such an important project was a source of huge satisfaction for us, as well as it made the issue of the patients suffering from different kind of dermatosis even more familiar.

BEST BERRIES in Lublin - photo

We would like to inform yout that you can visit our stand (No. 3) during BEST BERRIES fruit production fair in Lublin.


ICB Pharma Crop Solutions Team.

Profesjonalne seminarium DDD
14th professional DDD seminar in Slovakia

We attended the 14th professional DDD seminar in Slovakian Tatras (14. Odborný Seminár DDD Tatry 2017).


Along with our partner DDD Servis Slovakia Fedorex we presented the products Provecta®, Bifent Fogger Plus® and most important Attracide®, which after the long absence returns to Slovakian market in form of Attracide DF®. We are extremely excited by the enthusiastic reaction received by Attracide DF® at the seminar.

Best Berries targi sadownicze
Best Berries in Lublin

We would like to inform you that ICB Pharma Crop Solution is taking part in BEST BERRIES fruit production fair, which will take place between 7- 8th December 2017 in Lublin.

CPhI Worldwide 2017 in Frankfurt - zdjęcie
CPhI Worldwide 2017 in Frankfurt

CPhI Worldwide 2017 in Frankfurt.


We would like to thank all of our business customers for visiting our stand during CPhI Worldwide 2017 in Frankfurt.
We appreciate your interest in our products and we look forward to further cooperation.

X.Factor Medical facebook screenshot
X.Factor Medical in Egypt

X.Factor Medical, a fast growing specialized Health organization in Egypt, Middle East and Africa, with diversified and differentiated portfolios. They are official distributor and business partner of ICB Pharma in Egypt promoting the Nitolic line.

Grafika na facebooka dot. CPhi FRANKFURT 2017
CPhI Frankfurt 2017

With a great pleasure we would like to inform you that ICB Pharma is taking part in CPhI Frankfurt, 24-26th October, 2017.


We would like to invite you to come and take a look at our booth – stand location 91H90, Hall 9.


If you would like to make meeting appointment please contact:

Zdjęcie Zjazd Polskiego Towarzystwa Pediatrycznego
XXXIV Congress of the Polish Pediatric Society

On 16th-18th September we are present at XXXIV Congress of the Polish Pediatric Society.

ICB Pharma Health Care Team.

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Mother & Baby Fair in Gdańsk

ICB Pharma Health Care Department at Mother & Baby Fair in Gdańsk.

Facebook info
Mother & Baby Fair in Warsaw

ICB Pharma at Mother & Baby Fair in Warsaw.

Fipronil contaminated eggs in the Netherlands

We are concerned to hear about the presence of fipronil contaminated eggs in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. At ICB Pharma we firmly believe that deliberate „enhancement” of legaly available red poultry mite control products, with illegal substances is unethical and jeopardizes the entire industry. While developing DERGALL ® (http://dergall.pl/folder/dergall.pdf ), an insecticide free, physical mode of action product for the control of the red poultry mite and other poultry pests, we focused on an innovative approach.

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